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Over a decade ago, Bruker changed microbiology with the development of the MALDI Biotyper®, the market-leading MALDI-TOF system for microbiology, now in its 4th generation with the MALDI Biotyp-er® sirius System. Other innovations include the MBT Sepsityper® solution for direct identification from positive blood culture, and resistance test assays. The complementary IR Biotyper®, based on FT-IR spectroscopy, enables quick and easy strain typing for hospital hygiene and epidemiological studies. Bruker also offers MICRONAUT and UMIC portfolios, which are dedicated to antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Bruker's Molecular Diagnostics offering includes the FluoroType® system with an integrated sample-to-result workflow and assays for the detection of respiratory diseases, mycobacteria (including tuberculosis), STIs, immunocompromised host infections and other infectious diseases. The most re-cent assays are powered by LiquidArray® technology to enable next-generation multiplexing.

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