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Qvella was founded with a vision toenable faster clinical decisions for better patient outcomes in sepsis diagnosis by reducing time to actionable results. Qvella’s FAST-Technology™ (Field Activated Sample Treatment) facilitates automation and acceleration of different stages of microbiology workflow to generate actionable information for bloodstream infections in minutes.Today, Qvella’s focus is to bring two unique products to the market.

The FAST  ™ System is designed to isolate and concentrate viable bacterial cells directly from a positive blood culture, yielding a Liquid Colony™ in ~30 minutes, which is ready-to-use for multiple downstream applications.

The FAST-ID™ BSI Panel* is designed for fully automated pathogen isolation and detection including Candida, Gram negative and positive bacteria from whole blood in minutes instead of hours or days.

* The FAST-ID BSI Panel are in development and not approved for sale. Performance characteristics have not been established. FAST- System will not be validated for any specific downstream diagnostic applications, and use will only be indicated for positive blood cultures

Visit www.qvella.com for more information.